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Specifications and Scope of Application of Pool Chlorine Tablets

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Market specifications for pool chlorine tablets

Swimming pool chlorine tablet is a swimming pool disinfection tablet containing chlorine as the main component, mainly used for disinfection of swimming pool water. There are a variety of swimming pool chlorine tablets, including 1g, 2g/tablet, 6.5 grams, 13 grams, 20g/tablet, and 200g/tablet sizes. There are very few 10g tablets left. The market mainly uses 2g tablets and 200g tablets.

  • 2g Pool chlorine tablets are small tablets, mainly containing about 50% chlorine. Because the tablet is small, the chlorine content is not particularly high, so the dissolution is relatively fast. The recommended amount is 2kg per 1000 cubic meters of water, equivalent to 2g per cubic meter of water. The usage is very simple, after weighing the exact amount, directly sprinkle into the pool. This chlorine tablet sterilizes the pool water from top to bottom as it sinks to the bottom of the pool. After sinking to the bottom of the pool about 10 minutes to dissolve, no residue. It is usually used every day, and is used in the evening after the museum is closed. Due to its fast dissolution speed, it can also be used to quickly supplement the residual chlorine in the middle of the course, such as when the flow of people is large in summer, you can supplement the residual chlorine to the pool water when you rest at noon.
  • 200g chlorine tablet is a relatively large tablet, the chlorine content is about 90%, the tablet is large, the content is high, so the dissolution rate is relatively slow. Dosing is usually done using a dosing device. Although the chlorine tablet is slowly dissolved, it is stable in performance, and it can be added once a few days. Many private swimming pools prefer to use it because of its convenience. There is no need to put chlorine tablets every day.

Scope of application of pool chlorine tablets

Pool chlorine tablets can be used for all kinds of swimming pools, landscape pools, etc. Some saunas, hot springs, and spas also use chlorine tablets for disinfection. However, the smell of chlorine tablets is relatively strong. It is recommended that these areas, especially those with poor air circulation, use chlorine-free disinfectants—agents without chlorine impact. There are also children’s pools and baby pools that should be chlorine-free to avoid irritating children. Swimming pool disinfection is very important, when the amount of chlorine tablets in the swimming pool is enough, you can prevent the water from white, green, so that your swimming pool water to keep clear blue, keep the water body healthy, no algae.

Precautions for using chlorine tablets

  • As we all know, once the swimming pool is open, water quality management and maintenance, including sterilization, is essential for water quality maintenance. Every day, the pool water needs to be disinfected to prevent water problems. Using chlorine tablets to disinfect the pool also has some considerations.
  • Can not be exposed to the sun and rain, chlorine disinfectant is volatile and affects the use effect
  • Store in a dry, ventilated and cool place
  • Keep away from children
  • Wear gloves, masks and other protective tools when using

Regularly check and add.

Chlorine levels and pH levels in the pool need to be tested regularly. Based on the test results, pool disinfectant tablets or other chemicals should be added to maintain water quality. In general, swimming pool water quality needs to be tested once a week, especially in the case of high temperature, high humidity and frequent use need to be tested and added more frequently.

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