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Pool Filter: an Extremely Convenient and Indispensable Tool for Home Pool Cleaning

Sand Pool Filter

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sand filter for pool

The pool also has its own special cleaning tools, and friends at home should know more about this . As winter gives way to spring. Do you want to relieve fatigue by swimming in the pool in your villa, but you are frustrated by a pool that hasn’t been cleaned in winter. You might be thinking, ‘It’s so dirty, how am I going to clean it? Now I’m going to introduce you to a very handy tool – the pool filter.

What is a pool filter

Pool filter is a device to remove impurities, particles, odors, bacteria and viruses and other harmful substances in the pool through screening, adsorption, chemical reaction, sterilization and other ways. A pool sand filter is one of them; it uses sand as a filtering medium. It works by passing water through a certain level of sand to remove impurities and improve the cleanliness of the pool.

The role of pool filter

Remove impurities and particles from the water

Pool filters can only remove visible impurities and particles in the water, such as sediment, rust, and precipitation. They cannot filter dissolved harmful substances in the water.

Purify water quality

Improve the smell of pool water

The water filter removes unpleasant odors from the water, thereby improving the pool cleanliness of the water.

Extend the life of pipes and pool walls

The water filter prevents scale from clogging the lines, thereby protecting the pipes and pool walls and extending their service life.

Save economic cost

The use of water filters can effectively reduce the frequency of purchasing and replacing faucets, thereby helping to save more economic costs.

The difference between pool pumps and filters

Homes with swimming pools should have water pumps. The difference between a pump and a pool filter is that they work differently. The pump provides power and circulates water, while the filter filters and purifies the water. The water pump circulates the pool water, the water pump pipeline does not store water, the object of service is “water”, and the filter is the equipment that stores and filters the pool water, the object of service is the “pool”. At the same time, the pump is not the core equipment, but the filter is one of the core equipment to maintain the water quality of the pool.

How to choose the right sand filter for your home

When choosing a household pool filter, it is necessary to consider the size of the pool, the amount of pool water circulation required, the water quality of the pool and the health of the water body. Choosing a suitable household sand filter is the key to keeping the swimming pool water clean, fresh and smooth, and is also an important measure to protect human health and alleviate fatigue.

How to clean pool sand filter

1. Use the tools to remove the multifunctional valve in the sand filter, remove the bolts in the drainage tank part of the sand filter base, and then tilt the sand filter to make all the sand on the base pour to the side end of the filter;

2. Use the soft water pipe to wash the sand at the bottom, do not use too much water to avoid the sand out of the filter;

3. Slowly tilt the sand filter to the bottom and then reverse it back to the upright state to achieve the effect of vibrating sand and floating waste;

4. After the installation parts and valves in the sand filter are disassembled, all parts should be placed in the same position for re-installation;

5. Be sure to rinse the sand filter repeatedly after cleaning, about 3-4 minutes, until the water is clear;

6. Divert the wastewater to the drainage outlet or trash can; do not discharge it directly into the underground pipeline or river to avoid environmental pollution.

The importance of the pool filter cannot be underestimated, it can help remove many harmful substances in the water, improve the water quality, improve the smell, extend the service life of the pipeline, and also help save economic costs. However, when using water filters, pay attention to regularly replacing and cleaning the filter element to ensure its effectiveness.

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