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In-Depth Understanding of Pool Filters – Installation and Removal

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Proper installation of pool filters

Preparatory work

Before installing the pool filter, prepare the following tools: filter, pump, glue, sealing ring, screws, and screwdriver.

Install pool filter

  • Select the right location: According to the size of the pool and the size of the filter, choose the right location to install the filter.
  • Fixed filter: In the selected position, the filter is fixed to the bottom of the pool with a fixing screw.
  • Connect the pipe: pump the water into the filter, connect the water inlet and outlet, and seal the connection port with glue.
  • Clean the filter: remove the filter screen and filter material in the filter, and put it back after cleaning, taking care not to damage the filter screen and filter material.

Matters needing attention

  • The installation position of the filter should be stable to avoid shaking during the use of the pool.
  • Before installing the filter, turn off the water pump and power supply to prevent accidents caused by improper operations.
  • After installing the filter, the filter screen and filter material should be cleaned in time to ensure that the water quality of the pool is clean.
  • If you need to replace the parts of the filter, be sure to use the same model and specification as the original parts.
  • When cleaning, maintaining, and replacing the filter, disconnect the power supply and remove the water pipe to avoid electric shock and water shock.

Pool filter cleaning method

Why do I need to remove the pool filter?

With the improvement of living standards, more and more families use pool filters to improve the safety of swimming pool water. Although the pool filter can effectively remove impurities and odors in the water, after long-term use, impurities in the filter element will gradually accumulate, thereby affecting the filtration effect, and we need to regularly remove and wash the pool filter.

Cleaning process of pool filter

Step1:Filter element removal

First, we need to remove the pool filter from the tap, and then open the tap to drain the warm water. Next, we can begin to disassemble the filter element, before disassembly, we need to understand the type of filter element, generally divided into PP cotton core, granular activated carbon core and so on. In the process of disassembly, it is necessary to pay attention to keep clean and avoid fingers or other sharp objects colliding with the filter element, otherwise the filter element will lose its filtering effect if damaged.

Step2:Cleaning filter element

In the disassembled filter element, if it has not yet met the requirements for replacement, it can be cleaned to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Cleaning methods can be distinguished according to different types of filter, the common way is to soak in water, use a soft brush or a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of the filter. Do not use soap or other cleaning agents to avoid contaminating the filter element or affecting its filtration effect.

Step3:Replace filter element

If the filter element can no longer be used, or cannot be cleaned, then the filter element needs to be replaced. Before replacing the filter element, it is necessary to check whether the model of the filter element is consistent with the model of the pool filter. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting label of the filter element to avoid buying inferior or fake filter elements.

Disassembly steps of pool filter

  • Find the location of the tank filter in the pool, usually located at the pool entrance.
  • Use a screwdriver or other tool to remove the screws or clips that secure the filter.
  • Remove the filter, and be careful not to pull it forcibly, so as not to damage the filter or the accessories inside the pool.
  • If necessary, check whether the filter is damaged or blocked by foreign matter, if so, clean or replace it in time.

Removal steps of sluice filter

  • Turn off water sources to avoid fouling the environment.
  • Loosen the screws holding the filter in place and gently pull the filter off.
  • Loosen the nut on the joint with a wrench and remove the joint between the sluice filter and the pipe.
  • After removal, both the filter element and the joint need to be cleaned

How to maintain the pool filter

Step1:Regular cleaning

Step2:Replace the filter element regularly

By maintaining pool filters in the ways mentioned above, we can better improve the safety and health of swimming pool water. At the same time, pay attention to the purchase of regular filter elements, avoid the use of fake and shoddy products, and make our drinking water more healthy.

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